Cabane du Cardinal

The “Cabane du Cardinal”, with its 3 double rooms, borrows its colour theme from the distinctively red head and breast of the Mauritius fody, a rare species of endemic birds also called “Cardinal de Maurice”. This freshly renovated sugar plantation house is equipped with everything you could need to feel at home.  Relax on a hammock with that book you've been wanting to read since weeks and life becomes so much more sweeter...

It is also a reminder of the brilliant flame trees, bougainvillea and lychee trees loaded with fruit in summer that adorn the landscape of Mauritius, which will provide awe-inspiring experiences for nature enthusiasts and cultural travellers.

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Lakaz La Mer

“Lakaz Lamer”, literally The House of the Sea, pays tribute to the marine heritage of Bel Ombre. The soothing blue tones create an environment that replenishes the soul and recharges the spirit.  The tree swing on an ancient Indian Almond Tree is an invitation to finally lie back and sloth.

Filled with fresh air and natural light, this house, composed of 4 double rooms, is an oasis for sun, sea and sand worshippers as well as those guests for whom the colour blue symbolises freedom and adventure.

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Cabane du Soleil

The theme chosen for the “Cabane du Soleil” (The Sun Shack) reflects the sun-drenched atmosphere of vacation time in Mauritius. This beautifully restored yellow-themed house of 6 double rooms offers accommodation in four bedrooms with real old-world Mauritius charm and appeal.

There is more than enough space to soak in the sun and relax or leap into more adventurous land or sea pursuits in one of the most beguiling regions in Mauritius. You’re in for memorable moments of happiness!

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Lakaz La Vie

From the roadside to the mountaintops, green is the predominant colour throughout the year in Bel Ombre. Kaz’alala’s main house and oldest homestead dating from two centuries, “Lakaz La Vie” (The House of Life) has a green theme that echoes the verdant landscape outside featuring seashore meadows, a beautifully manicured golf course and a pristine nature reserve stretching more than a thousand hectares, among others. 

Lakaz La Vie, with its 2 family rooms and its 3 double rooms, is the perfect spot to indulge in the simple pleasures of life with a sense of connection to nature. The house flows through from the kitchen to the living room and dining area, and out onto the spacious terrace. In addition to the four rooms in the main building, there is a separate outbuilding with another room.

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